LS-MK-56- europeana food

Food Tests (LS-MK-57)

By food, we understand everything we put into the body in the process of nutrition. Food is a source of energy and …

LS-MK-55- Young Explorers

Young Explorers (LS-MK-55)

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”― Ignacio Estrada Nowadays, students’ interaction is …

Painting Poems - Landscape with Flowers

Painting Poems (LS-ES-53)

Poetry promotes literacy and lets us express our feelings and emotions. It is rhythm and music, so it fosters emotional resilience. Poetry …

LS-FR-52: history of puppets: black and white photograph of puppets of dr frankenstein and the monster

History of puppets (LS-FR-52)

In our city and the world This scenario is about the history of puppets. It was designed for young students of Turkish …

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