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The Black Death: A physician wearing a seventeenth century plague preventive costume

The Black Death (LS-TR-306)

These days, our world is facing a pandemic: but it is not the first This learning scenario aims to get students to …

What if I were Monet? (LS-PL-293)

The Europeana Collections, a digital library, provides access to works of Art in the digital form that are unknown to many students …

Fun with Flags (LS-GR-292)

Flags are not simple pieces of fabric waving on top of buildings, ships, vehicles, etc. They are symbols of past struggles, of …

A kite flying festival. Watercolour by an Indian artist.

Bringing Back Kites (LS-MT-284)

This cross-curricular learning scenario by Ayrton Curmi links Social Studies to Culture, Mathematics, Language, Art and Physical Education. Traditions are a fundamental …

Cuadros de Julio Romero de Torres] [Material gráfico

A symbolic AR-tist (LS-ES-278)

This learning scenario has been designed to create a learning experience in order to bring our students the opportunity to create a …

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