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Fossils (EN-CUR-207)

The subject belongs to the area of evolution in the curriculum of biology and physiochemical properties of the substances in the curriculum …

EN-CUR-162- biodiversity

Biodiversity (EN-CUR-162)

In this learning scenario, students learn about biodiversity, extinct and endangered species, the knowledge and skills to protect these species. They will …

LS-MK-79- food culture

We are a Rainbow (LS-MK-79)

Why Food and Culture? What we call culture is everything that makes up the way a group of people live. Including how …

LS-NRM-51- biodiversity explorers

Biodiversity Explorers (LS-MK-51)

Natural treasure in National Park “Pelister“ and Balkan Peninsula, by Silvana Ristevska. Europeana portal is an inspiration for exciting exploration about European …

Illustration of a human brain in 1735

Brain Challenges (LS-PT-22)

Context This learning scenario is meant to be used with students who have no prior knowledge of Europeana and who are making …

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