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Welcome to Teaching with Europeana!

On this page you will be able to find a selection of learning scenarios  created by 130 teachers from across Europe and beyond in order to use cultural heritage materials from Europeana in their classrooms.

Photograph of Guerica

VR AR Guernica (LS-ES-37)

IES Consaburum is an excellent example of European 21st century School in which students benefit from active learning through several European projects. …

Jobs in the past - painting of a Fishmonger a

Jobs in the Past (LS-FI-36)

This learning scenario, created by Sari Hopeakoski from Finland, combines jobs in the past with jobs in the present and makes students …

LS-IT-35: oil in ancient Egypt

Oil in Ancient Egypt (LS-IT-35)

‘Oil in Ancient Egypt: kinds and uses’ is a learning scenario developed by Raffaela Serrani as part of the Europeana DSI-4 project. …

Greek culture - photography of a Greek Sculpture to illustrate this learning scenario

Greek Canon (LS-HR-34)

The learning scenario ‘Greek Canon’ has been developed by Nataša Tram as part of the Europeana DSI-4 project, Croatian user group. An …

STEM sport and dance - flyer for a dance workshop

STEM in Sports and Dance (LS-MT-33)

STEM education through a cultural approach deepens learning through inquiry, problem-solving, and personalization of learning. This STEM learning scenario gives an opportunity …

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