4warders, the newspaper (LS-HU-56)

Newspapers could seem out of fashion, specially printed on paper but reshaping the idea of a newspaper and its content can inspire students.

cover of the 4warders, a newspaper created by students
4warders, a newspaper created by students

Newspapers can inspire students

In this learning scenario, students can combine digital literacy, creativity and teamwork. They use Europeana to search and find information for a newspaper which has four sections: art, fashion, interview and advertisements. Students are working in four groups, each group working on a different topic, in order to create their own newspaper.

Newspaper: the process of creation

I used this project to prove my students they can create something valuable in English. As a language teacher, I think it is very important. Considering the level of English necessary to succeed is minimum A2. The aim of this scenario was to use what they have already had in their minds, collaborate with each other and extend their digital skills.

Products designed by students

The students used Padlet to collect information and select the useful one. Then they used Canva to create the pages. Finally, we put all the pages together in a flipbook. We only worked online, so at least one computer, laptop or smartphone in each group is essential. A good internet or wifi connection is also very important.

Cards for group making:

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