African Traditional Masks and Primitive Art (LS-HR-61)

African Traditional Masks and Art – Arts/Scuplting – 16 years old – paper , glue, pencils – 100 minutes

Introduction to african primitive art

This Learning Scenario introduces students to primitive art using examples from the Europeana Collections referring to African traditional masks made by wood curving, as well as examples from Croatian cultural heritage (photo examples are from my own collection) and the tradition of making masks called Buše.

The aim of the lessons was to create masks based on African and Croatian art.

results of the primitive art inspired masked made by students

Through the example of Pablo Picasso’s portraits, which were also influenced by African art, students sketch their own masks. After that, they use the sketches as a guide in their own creations using paper and glue. At the end of the lesson, they choose the best masks.

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