Around the world with Finnish Artists (LS-FI-211)

This LS is intended to be a motivation for a “Geography of the World”-unit. Students get familiar with the Golden Age of Finnish Art and revise their knowledge of different countries and continents.

Learning scenario overview

After presenting some of the most important paintings of the Golden Age of the Finnish Art, the teacher defines the meaning of the Golden Age, exploring new vocabulary.

Then, students are invited to read hidden QR-codes with mobile phones/tablets. The QR-codes are hidden around the school. and linked to the Europeana Collections resources.

After finding the QR-codes, students examine the paintings and find the corresponding continent and countries mentioned in the text. Students then colour and label the mentioned countries, they write down the names of the artists and the countries they visited. They sketch some artworks in their worksheets.

The lessons are wrapped up by gathering back together to the classroom and comparing the worksheets. The teacher leads a discussion comparing the results and findings of the students.

The featured image used to illustrate this article belongs to the public domain.

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