Art Dealers’ Foundation (LS-ES-240)

Versatility is one of the most valuable features from the Europeana platform. Regardless of the subject to be taught, Europeana Collections offers a wide range of arts of work to build a meaningful Learning Scenario whatever the topic is. 

When business and the cultural world meet!

As a starting point, our students had to create a catalogue belonging to a Foundation (Arts Dealers’ Foundation). The main objective of this company was to spread all around the world its art collection. Had it not been for diving into Europeana to make the abovementioned catalogue, they would not have been aware of the importance of copyright limitations and author’s rights protection. Day after day, they are using images coming mostly from Google without realising how important is to protect the creation process. Working on the Europeana platform has been a successful way to become fully aware of such an important matter.

Students doing the LS. CC-BY-SA Rafael Climent
Students doing the LS. CC-BY-SA Rafael Climent

Apart from that, the majority of them achieved the main goal of the lesson in terms of the content to be learned. The differences between a profit-making enterprise and non-profit organisations. In addition to the catalogue, the final learning outcome was a presentation in which the six teams (three students per group) had to highlight the main features of both companies.

Also worth mentioning the diversity of the ICT tools used by students. Ranging from basic tools like Adobe and PowerPoint to more advanced ones as Canva or Prezi. On the whole, they are motivating for the students.

All things considered, it has been a great learning experience with six groups of students in their last year of compulsory education!

Students doing the LS. CC-BY-SA Rafael Climent
Students doing the LS. CC-BY-SA Rafael Climent

Would you like to read the whole learning scenario? You can download it below:

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