Biodiversity Explorers (LS-MK-51)

Natural treasure in National Park “Pelister“ and Balkan Peninsula, by Silvana Ristevska.

Europeana portal is an inspiration for exciting exploration about European cultural and natural heritage. In this lesson, it will be a resourceful place where students can explore and have a pleasure to find out new endemic animal and plant species throughout Europe. They will be able to broaden their view, awareness and knowledge about biodiversity in Europe, presented through herbarium and animal albums.

Learning through inventive exploration

This lesson supports students to conduct inventive explorations in the field of cultural heritage of Europe. How? By creating a digital colouring book of the collected pictures of endemic animal and plant species and compare their origin and evolution. The lesson is a solid base for the creation of many interactive games that promote gaining knowledge about biodiversity in Europe.

Europeana: shaping the new European biologists and natural scientists

The Europeana’s Ecosystem, Network Association and Expert groups offer access to expert collaboration, communication and resources from more than 3,500 galleries, libraries, museums and archives.

Europeana portal brings a whole new world about endemic animal and plant species present in Europe. It allows students to develops new love towards biology and natural sciences. The Europeana portal shapes new European biologists and natural scientists and as their “life motive” brings the passion about the natural heritage.

The very important part of this lesson is developing the sense of being a part of European reach cultural and natural heritage, broadening the horizons and gaining experience in international collaboration of the students, teachers and school authorities as well as internationalization of the school.

The Biodiversity as a complex system will make the students more aware about environment and nature. Therefore, it will be a responsible motivation to develop behaviour and values with modern ecological habits.

Developing skills and opportunities

The use of ICT tools will enhance the digital competences and 21st Century skills of the students. They will have the opportunity to get familiar with the Europeana portal. And then use it in the future for various activities as a resourceful portal. With an international cooperation, students will foster their lingual competences and communication skills. In their future communication with the Europeana Network and Experts, they will become an inseparable part of a creative community. Furthermore, their immediate participation in the Europeana Events and Conferences will contribute in the best possible way. In the perspective, the Europeana Portal offers future job opportunities and various professional assignments for all involved in the Europeana mission.

I hope this lesson will make a strong effect on students and teachers and will be a lifelong good memory worth for participation.

LS-NRM-51-bidiversity explorers: students discovering the learning activity

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