Birds from Romania (LS-RO-43)

All about birds

Birds are an attractive subject for students in primary school. They love their pleasant appearance. Their vivid colors of the feaththey adpt t. .ering. The melodious songs and their great originality based on their skill with which they build their nests. Their ability to adapt through time and space during migrations. Their various nutrition strategies, and protection against enemies.

In Romania, there are around 436 species of birds which are the most beautiful beings that emit melodious sounds which students love listening to.

Context of learning scenario

The Birds from Romania scenario, created by Dorina Marin from Romania, focuses on 7 of these species: the song thrush, the European robin, the Eurasian blackcap, the Eurasian green woodpecker, the Eurasian blue tit, the goldcrest, and the common chaffinch.

The 3 main activities

First, a brief introduction to the Europeana Collections and conditions of use of the platform. the aims were to stimulate children’s interest in different species of birds that live in Romania as well as to present the European platform, the existing materials on the platform, especially in the field of natural sciences and conditions of use.

Then, after the introduction phase, came the explanation of work ahead and what is expected of the students. They were expected to present and discuss theoretical material with a PowerPoint presentation. Then, memorize sounds of birds and recognize recorded sounds of birds presented and offered for free use by the Europeana platform.

Finally, the surprise element was to use a tablet or a phone on which the ‘Birdie memory’ app is installed and several images, provided by the game website, in order to ‘bring the birds to life’.

The didactic activity has had a positive impact because the students have enthusiastically, cheerfully participated in the activities. They guessed the sounds of birds during a small contest and recognized the birds they caught with the help of the Birdie memory program.

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

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The photograph used to illustrate this article has been taken by Jacques GAIMARD from Pixabay

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