Black and White in Colour-Industrial Heritage (EN-CUR-407)

Many factories were shut down in the town of Sisak after the Homeland War. Lots of people lost their jobs and left the city. The Sculpture Park that was created by prominent artists and workers of one factory started to decline. This learning scenario aims at students rethinking the dignity and value of work which has not only an existential dimension but also connects people and develops their abilities in the artistic dimension. The words “Black” and “White” in the title represents a sculpture park, and “Colour” represents values, including dignity, solidarity, art that unites people at their work.

This learning scenario has been developed during the English version of the “Europeana in your classroom: building 21st-century competences with digital cultural heritage (Rerun)” online course. The course aimed to improve teachers’ understanding of cultural heritage in order to efficiently integrate it into their lessons and practices. The courses can be accessed here.

Author: Đurđica Friš

Age of students: 13 – 14

Subject and topic: Catholic catechism, History, Art / Social doctrine of the Church-Work and free time

Learning Scenario

CC BY-SA 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and has been provided by

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