Brain Challenges (LS-PT-22)


This learning scenario is meant to be used with students who have no prior knowledge of Europeana and who are making contact with the portal for the first time. It has been implemented with the twelve grade (16/17 year olds) during Psychology class.

An introduction to the human brain

As an introduction, the teacher presents to students the main idea of the learning scenario, besides introducing the brain theme and how this is relevant in this curricular topic. The teacher describes the development of the activities, and discuss the disease that which team wanted to investigate. All discussed how to present the work results. The Teacher also presented Europeana (how to search for information) portal and explained some of the Europeana´s aims.


The students were divided into teams, shared and organized ideas about the work and presenting tools. After what, each group explained briefly what they intend to do on a shared Padlet.

They started their work, making some decisions and researches, organizing information and discussing ideas. Presenting the work was a very important moment and all the teams tried hard to make a nice presentation, with creativity and enthusiasm.

The aims of the lesson have been fulfilled because the students learned briefly how to use Europeana. They have also improved their team work, critical thinking, collaboration skills, their online research abilities, their presentation, and digital skills. Students also improved linguistic and health literacy competences.


Finally, the students enjoyed the lesson because most of them enjoy team work. Students had the opportunity to explain to others what they created, and they had the chance to take autonomous decisions and responsibility over their learning process.

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