Can I Trust You? (LS-IT-231)

The learning scenario focuses on media literacy and is linked to the transversal discipline “civic education”. At the center there is the knowledge and verification of data and information relating to the phenomenon of human migration.

Verification of data and information

Immigrazione per necessità, User Contributed Content, Europeana Foundation, CC-BY-SA

The exposure of citizens to non-truthful information on a large scale is a great challenge that sees Europe occupied in numerous education contrast actions. In fact, the spread of online fake news in Europe is considered a serious threat to European democratic values ​​and systems.

Verifying perceptions using reliable sources

Students are guided to verify their perceptions on the migratory phenomenon (gained through exposure to the media) and to deepen the knowledge of the migrant as a human being bearer of experiences and culture.

Un voyage d’outre-mer, Rose-Marie, User Contributed Content, 2019, Europeana Foundation, CC-BY-SA

The teacher introduces the reflection theme “Media can play a fundamental role in influencing the public perception of migrants and/or in facilitating their integration”. Then, the teacher guides the students to the consultation and reading of statistical data.

Getting to know people through the story of their lives

Through the consultation of the “MIGRATION” section of the Europeana platform, students “meet” migrants through the stories they tell and the objects to which they are most attached.

A more complex project…

The learning scenario was developed as part of a more complex project carried out at the Istituto Comprensivo Alfieri in Taranto. The documentation of the activity realized, in the Italian language, is available on the following website.

European Framework of Reference

In the design of the learning scenario and in the formative assessment, the reference used are the European frameworks DigComp 2.1 and LifeComp.

Digital competence, now more than ever before, must be integrated with personal and social competence and the ability to act in a sustainable and global citizenship.

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