Ceramics: Between Utility and Art (LS-RO-242)

The purpose of this learning scenario created by Geanina Turcanu from Romania is to make students understand how ceramics were used in Ancient Greece.

This lesson is part of the Romanian national curriculum.

Immersion in Greek Art

Using Europeana collections, students could also identify the artistic quality of ceramics. Students were divided into groups and asked to analyze Greek art, to identify its utility and then to create their own piece of art. At the end of the lesson, all students’ creations were shown in an exhibition.

Europeana resources allowed students to develop their critical thinking. At the end of the lesson, they were able to express their point of view regarding the utility of the Greek ceramics.

Having Greek art as an example, students created their own art products and they will organize an exhibition to present the results of their work to the other students in school.

Students appreciated the lesson as a challenge because they had to analyze Greek art and discuss it, but also they had to develop their artistic skills by creating their own piece of art. They were proud to be an active part of the teaching process and to bring their own contribution.

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