Changing role of women in early 20th century (LS-FI-09)

The changing role of women has been one of the most important reflection of the 20th century deep changes in society. Created by Niina Vantanen, Europeana Ambassador for Finland, this learning scenario aims to teach students how big events such as the World War 1 and 2 had an impact on society as a whole, and democracy today in particular. Always by reminding us that what we call democracy today is actually a rather young phenomena, and equality even younger.

To this end, it makes use of material in the Europeana Collections about universal suffrage and suffragettes. The scenario structure itself around 5 activities:

  • First, the teacher starts by explaining the key concepts: democracy and universal suffrage,
  • Students are then divided into groups and discuss the suffragettes.
  • Students then do research on when universal suffrage was granted in European countries and build a timeline out of it.
  • Students are also asked how the world wars are linked to the role of women in society
  • Finally, students discuss about their own country concerning the topic.

To download this learning scenario, click bellow:

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