Climate Change – Just a BEGINNING (LS-TR-327)

The learning scenario “Climate Change – Just a BEGINNING” is associated with climate change and its effects on our lives and environment.

It is for the age group 14-18. The students will focus on three topics: the causes, effects and precautions to slow down. In order to investigate the topic in detail, the students perform in three subgroups. Each group works deeply on their topics and fills in the table in the Google document covering the same categories: causes, effects and precautions. They also develop their own presentations using Prezi. Moreover, they will share all their documents and the tasks in the virtual classroom (Edmodo) the teacher created. Students work simultaneously so that the teacher can see the progress of their work. As an additional value, the students learn to provide sources of their information usig Europeana.

The human effects on climate change

The lesson ends with online games (each group will prepare a short quiz using Quizlet or Kahoot), a discussion during which students share their opinions about the subtopics of the lesson scenario.

The classes aim to show the human effects on climate change, its causes and the possible solutions. Climate Change is one of the major problems of the world and it needs to be dealt with urgently.

The learning scenario is just a beginning for many other actions and discussions. While implementing that LS both the teacher and the students need to talk about many other issues.

The students explore the causes, effects and possible solutions to the subject matter as well as the texts of researches in climate change. As a result of that, they understand the knowledge of nature, the human effect on nature and the possible solutions.

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