Colorful culture in the 1950s: blue skies, red panic (LS-HR-215)

What was life like in the 1950s? How did the political situation influence everyday life in Europe? What was the position of women on both sides of the Iron Curtain? What was the influence of popular culture on people’s lives?  By working collaboratively on six different digital stations, students find the answers to these questions and think critically about this period of history. At each digital station – that they access via a QR code using their tablets – they read about different topics, answer questions and participate in a discussion. After some more research at home, they throw a 1950s thematic party at school – they wear 1950s clothes, play music from that era and start conversations on different 1950s topics that they have been exploring. In the end, students write a newspaper article about this historical era and carry out peer assessment.

Ivana’s learning scenario aims to encourage students to read, speak and write about one historical era using English. They think critically about one historical period and express opinions about it.

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