Combination of Degrees of Comparison and Culture in French Classes: Inspiring and Tactile Tasks with Europeana (LS-FI-131)

Sometimes students consider studying grammar boring. This is why in this learning scenario, grammar and design are combined, using the scenes from French towns to learn about degrees of comparison as well as images from modern life.

From the author

I decided to combine old pictures about towns in the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur) with new ones with similar content. The old pictures were from Europeana data bank, and some of the newer ones as well.


In this learning scenario, while practicing the degrees of comparison (positive- comparative- superlative) in French, the students got to know sceneries from French towns and analyzed the change. They made posters with Canva advertising their favorite towns with superlative forms. In addition to written assignments, tactile tasks were provided. Creating clauses by putting certain elements (lids) in the right order helps the students to memorize the grammar rule, and thus be able to use the structure correctly in their own sentences.

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