Cultural Literacy: from National Culture Day to International Children’s Book Day (LS-RO-742)

The unusual context of living, teaching and learning in 2022 forced us to reinvent ourselves, to preserve the affective dimension of the relationship between teachers and students, the social and empathetic attitude towards others. To connect literature to reality, also to cultivate sensitivity, strengthen identity and interpersonal relationships, to make the student aware of their involvement in the educational process, I proposed to my students the implementation of this scenario: Cultural Literacy: from National Culture Day to International Children’s Book Day. We aim to promote Romanian Culture values, respecting otherness and diversity, also to empower the next generation to re-establish a positive outlook for Cultural values.

This learning scenario was implemented in the 3rd year of secondary school (16-17 years old), in ICT class. It is an integration of topics from various other subjects (literature, art, science), but it can be introduced with students age 12-19.

The aims of the lesson were:

  1. to familiarize students with the significations of National Culture Day and International Children’s Book Day
  2. to increase students understanding and ability to think critically about information on the internet
  3. to help students learn how to search, create and share digital materials and posters
  4. to educate students learn how to work collaboratively (offline and online), and how to give each other feedback
  5. to foster an attitude that values human rights, national identity and otherness.

At the end of the lesson all the traditional or digital materials created by students were brought together on a common Padlet.

Cultura națională – (e)Eminescu – Lectura – From National Culture Day to International Children’s Book Day (

Students’ project

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

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