Diversity Illustrated in Dolls (LS-DI-727)


Working in the Early Years and having a multicultural class, it is important that all children feel like belong, irrespective of which community they are coming from. While exploring the project ‘Toys’, children started talking about dolls, and hence, I used this information in order to plan this LS. 

I used dolls (realia and pictures of dolls illustrated from Europeana) in order to observe diversity amongst people and at the same time, the children felt comfortable observing what was different amongst the dolls and discussing such differences.  Clothing and different cultures were mentioned. 

Equality was mentioned and illustrated using different coloured eggs. After cracking the eggs, I told the learners that irrespective of our ethnicity, inside we are all humans and we are all equal.  Everyone can contribute to making our society a better one. 

Learning Process

The learners had the opportunity to observe different types of dolls and talk about them during circle time.  After the discussion, and Show and Tell session, the learners had the opportunity to participate in an online quiz.  One may join the quiz by clicking here.  

Final Thoughts

The aims of the learning scenario have been fulfilled and the learners had the opportunity to discuss and talk more, hence widening their general knowledge together with increasing their vocabulary. 

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Vänersborgs museum.

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