Don’t be afraid to be afraid (LS-PL-50)

This lesson scenario is based on Europeana resources. It shows that creatures, beasts and also other creations of fear are elements of our culture. Because of the fact that the LS is built on achievements of literature, art and history makes it an interesting, interdisciplinary project and helps not to be afraid.

Being afraid: exploring the cause and mechanism through cultural heritage

This learning scenario is based on the Romantic and contemporary texts of culture, for instance: a poem, film trailers, songs and themes from films. You can extend it also to other contexts and periods of time, though. Exploring the causes and mechanisms of building scary scenes and pointing most of the reasons of using them in the texts of culture. In other words, it helps to understand and tame fear, as well as enrich the knowledge of culture.

During the lesson, students learn about different ways of showing fear and then try to explore other cultural texts themselves. The lesson combines elements of entertainment and didactics.

In conclusion, thanks to Europeana resources students can learn more about the ancient bestiaries. They can understand that all creations is based on human anxiety and fear. The main goal is to show that fear is an element of culture, and therefore that it is possible to tame it because it is created by human beings.

It is also a lesson of creativity and a chance of using newly learned information in practice

Key words: Beast, fear, cultural heritage, texts of culture

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