Dragon Tales in Europe (LS-GR-251)

My Learning Scenario aims to get students familiarized with the topic of dragons in Europe. Not only are they famous creatures from folk traditions and their tales, but they are also known all over the world.

Dragons: a timeless topic

Many students identify themselves with this topic even from an early age. This lesson intends to strengthen students’ abilities to work with pictures in various ways. From describing to discussing, drawing, commenting, writing stories, working in teams, students also work with the help of simple ICT tools, such as Popplet, Storyboard That and Glogster.

The lesson contains a warm-up activity to brainstorm about dragons, using Popplet. After what, students pick up picture descriptions and discuss them. The discussion is based on the details they found in the Europeana Dragons in Myth and Science Gallery. As a further activity of promoting language skills, they make a Top 3 of the images from the gallery and debate to explain their choices. Based on given information about dragons in Europe, they write short dragon stories using Storyboard That. As an alternative, they create glogs about dragon pictures of their choice from the Gallery. Finally, they engage themselves in the Picture Dictation Activity, using 3 different roles: describer, artist and scribe. The activity ends by making a picture gallery on their classroom walls.

This lesson is interdisciplinary as it can be taught in History, Language, ICT, English and Arts classes. It has been inspired by stories found on the Europeana blog:

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

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