EarthQuest – Virtual Global Adventure (LS-HR-361)

Astronomy: two views of a celestial globe, showing Hesiod's birthplace and time. Engraving.

Do you know why Coca Cola has the word Coca in its name? Are the 24 “holes” in a Petit Beurre biscuits accidentally there or do they have a deeper meaning? Do you know who invented ketchup? What types of cocoa beans are used for chocolate? Have you ever visited a sanatorium where cornflakes were invented?

Some of the most used food products have an interesting story to tell and math problems to solve.

Virtual tour

Using Google Earth – a 3D representation of Earth-based primarily on satellite imagery – and Europeana resources students travel around the world visiting new places. On each location, there is an interesting true story about a well-known food, food product or drink followed by a math problem to be solved. In order to successfully finish the quest, they need to use math modelling of real-life situations and apply system of equation solving.

Travelling virtually around the world

The quest doesn’t end with the last location

By completing all the stations and solving all the math problems students are taken to an interactive quiz to check their solutions. As they choose the right answer they unlock the words in a word search puzzle. When the person solving the puzzle finds all the words, the hidden message will be revealed. And this is all done by a digital crayon!

Finding the answers in a word search puzzle

New adventures

Since there are more interesting stories to tell about food, students search Europeana resources for their favorite food and drink and create math problems based on them. They create a story and a collaborative virtual tour in Google Earth.

Discovering the resources on Europeana

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and provided by the Wellcome Collection.

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