Ecology in the Energy System and Companies (LS-PL-297)

Globalization processes, changing customer expectations and growing competition force economic entities and national economies to constantly innovate. In addition to economic growth, introducing various types of modernization in the economic and social sphere, the 20th century is also characterized by unemployment, poverty, humanitarian catastrophes, uneven economic development or a significant difference in the level of development between highly developed and underdeveloped countries.

Changing for the better

Recently, the importance and impact of innovative activities on the condition of business entities and entire economies has increased. Innovations result in, among others, the possibility of introducing new products and services to markets, expanding or opening new companies, reducing production costs or launching new production lines. In this learning scenario, ecology-related innovations in relation to the power system and lighting will be presented.

Different sources of information

Students are presented with materials from the Europeana portal on the above-mentioned topics. However, this is not the only source of information. During the lesson, the achievements of older classes in the form of films on ecology recorded by the students in the production company and in the company operating the road and park lighting system are presented. An important element of the discussion is the analysis of electricity demand charts. It is an analysis of authentic diagrams of daily planned and real consumption at different times of the year. We compare changes and discuss what the reasons are, e.g. switching on heating in winter months or air conditioning on summer days. We also compare consumption on workdays and holidays (Christmas). Students learn the analytical approach to data, group work, critical thinking and the use of ICT tools.

Visual outcomes

The summary is presenting the homework. The task is carried out in groups. Students are to present, in any way, various directions of ecology, energy and air pollution associated with it. The students presented two posters and a multimedia presentation.

Renewable energy poster created by students
Air pollution poster created by students

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