Encourage Young Women to Create Their Own Websites (LS-TR-223)

The main driving force in implementing this Learning Scenario is that young girls refrain from taking up education in STEM fields. One of the reasons is the lack of inspiration and role models. I hope the impact of this scenario will help to increase the number of young women studying Computer Science and STEAM related professions.

The goal of the learning scenario

Students will create a website about biographies of pioneer women who led Europe in science, society and arts. Moreover, students will practice the past tense in writing the biographies. Finally, they will create some original web content by using Europeana resources about pioneer women. 

The objectives of this learning scenario are to improve digital skills in sharing the Europeana content on the websites students create, raise awareness of women’s contributions to science (women as role models), curate Europeana content and develop reading and writing skills in English. Additionally, students identify the laws of copyright.

Introducing the learning scenario to the students

Activity 1: Introduction

As a start, students learn about the learning scenario. Teams are formed and the tasks are shared. Evaluation criteria are negotiated with them.

What is Copyright and Europeana_
Students explore Copyright laws

Activity 2:  What is Copyright and Europeana?

Secondly, students are introduced to what copyright is and how to share  Europeana content on their webpages without violating legal actions.

exploring website making tool.
Students thinker website creation tool

Activity 3: Exploring a Website Making Tool

Next, students use “Jimdo (available for Android/IOS/Web)” as a mobile website making tool.

Creating  Draft Web Pages
Students design draft webpages

Activity 4: Creating Draft Webpages

Then, teams start making their draft pages.

creating websites
Student pairs create their own websites

Activity 5: Creating Websites

After that, they will be able to create well-designed basic webpages with a left side navigation panel, text header, pictures and Europeana links.

Activity 6: Sharing Websites

As a final activity, they share it publicly and reflect on the activities.

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