Food Tests (LS-MK-57)

By food, we understand everything we put into the body in the process of nutrition. Food is a source of energy and is used as a building material for the body. We experience food with all of our senses. The colour of the food is very important to us. The smell will warn you if a food is rotten, but it also invites the person to consume it, although at that moment he may not be hungry. The touch does not only apply to the sensory sensation of the fingers, but also to the delicious buds in the mouth. And the chewing sound is critical to nutrition. The curriculum “Food” contains chemical food testing to prove the presence of sugars, fats and protein in food.

Using digital cultural heritage to learn more about food

The primary goal of the Europeana platform is to promote the wider use of digital cultural heritage.

Through the use of Europeana, resources will increase creativity and the development of education across Europe.

Europeana Food and Drink Project is a resource that provides great support for the study of the topic – Food. The open educational resource – Food and Nutrition can be fully implemented in biology classes. Additionally, the resource offers new ideas that can be easily realized. The game Food Planet is also a tool where students learn creatively about food in different countries.

The purpose of using European resources is to:

  • get to know the students with the European platform;
  • learn to use the resources of the European collections;
  • offer students the resources that they can use in all subjects they study.

The lesson is conceived through the use of trends:

  • Project-Based Learning: students get fact-based tasks;
  • Problems to solve and they work in groups;
  • Collaborative Learning: a strong focus on group work.

Through learning this topic, the students are getting familiar with the learning of the 21 st century skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, cooperation and leadership and effective oral and written communication.

Europeana food and drink

The basic resource used in planning the lesson plan is the platform Europeana food and drink, in particular, the e-learning resources section of the website, which provides lessons plans about food and nutrition.

The resource that can be used in the introductory part of the lesson is Appendix B – Lesson Part 2: Food that helps us grow and become healthy adults.

Also, Appendix A – Lesson Part 1: Choosing Food and Staying Healthy is recommended for students to better do their homework.

Links from Europeana collections are recommended because they can be used in correlation with other subjects such as Science, Chemistry, Skills, Art, History and Geography.

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