Europeana living museum (LS-HR-10)

This interdisciplinary learning scenario tackles art, English/German language, IT, and Entrepreneurship. Students search the Europeana Collections for specific artists. It is also a whole-school activity that involves collaboration between multiple classrooms.

In this learning scenario created by Ivana Stiglec, each classroom does research on the topic of the human body in arts by studying the works of various artists, analyze their work and recreate paintings/sculptures in the form of a living museum. Ultimately, they create digital brochures using Canva, in different languages, a museum webpage using Wix, and a museum shop. Each classroom is responsible for building one “room” of the museum. The best room is elected by a school jury.

In this whole-school project, students of from different classes will have to show their collaboration skills: each class has to explore their given artist or period of art history on the Europeana platform, choose three works of art and recreate them. Students have to divide roles, take responsibility for their part, cooperate and communicate with other students. They will also develop their ICT skills because they will have to create Canva bookmarks, posters and brochures for their “museum room” and manage their part of a museum webpage. Therefore they will practice their presentation skills, decision-making skills, creativity, planning skills, organizational skills, research skills and entrepreneurial skills.

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The featured image used to illustrate this article is a screenshot from the Europeana Collections homepage. Click here to find it. 

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