From muscle machines to smart machines (LS-PT-216)

For the first time in history, humankind is challenged by smart agents concerning capabilities that we consider as exclusive to human beings. This is having an enormous impact on all components of our lives. The way we work (workplace) will be one of the most affected. This learning scenario will explore the transformation in the workplace from the technology that replaces the human muscle force to technology that is replacing us on intelligent tasks. Students will be invited to compare the workplace of the past with the ones of today and the future and reflect on how this will impact their lives and what are the key competences to thrive in a Digital Automated Smart World.

The aim of this lesson is to discuss and reflect on the impact of automation and smart agents will have on our lives fueled by Artificial Intelligence, mainly on the labor market and how this could result in new orders of social organization and structures. Marco’s learning scenario touches upon questions such as the lack of employment, universal basic income (UBI), Skills for an AI world, Automation, Industrial Revolution.

The contents of this learning scenario fit into three subjects of the curriculum: In History when addressing the contents of the industrial revolutions, in Citizenship through the impacts of hyper digitization on people’s lives and in ICT in the construction and development of digital products to support differentiated content.

In History, this important theme can be debated within the topic of the Expansion of the Industrial Revolution, making the bridge in comparison with today’s automation processes. Using this Learning Scenario as a collaborative and interdisciplinary one, the issues of impact, challenges and opportunities can be linked to the phenomenon of citizenship. At the conclusion of the interdisciplinary process, students with the data, information and content collected in History and Citizenship build digital artefacts that reflect their views and opinions on this theme.

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