From the photon to the leaf (LS-IT-15)

This learning scenario, created by Andrea Checchetti, is part of a laboratorial learning path, the main objective of which is to facilitate and improve science learning in schools, with the help of Europeana resources. 

The possibility of using Europeana as a digital library to bring students to the European cultural heritage, trying to stimulate, the interest in scientific culture.

IBSE and CLIL methodologies are combined in an interdisciplinary guided-inquiry experience in chemistry and biochemistry. The proposed learning scenario aims to provide learners with the knowledge and skills related to the chlorophyll photosynthesis.

The main goals are to 

  • involve the students in collecting information through Europeana platform;
  • develop educational activities, in which young people will become more interested in learning  about topics;
  • acquire scientific inquiry skills;
  • experience the culture of studying science by undertaking active guided experimentation. 

This learning scenario, therefore, aims to improve foreign language and STEM skills, through a series of activities that are structured and supported to facilitate learning. In recent years, laboratory teaching has become a fundamental practice to prompt students to be active protagonists of their know-how. The size of the laboratory allows synthesizing the different dimensions that build the learning process, as well as ensures consistency with the disciplines’ educational dimension, integrating the different ways to exercise the skills and competencies.

The learning model chosen to design the present learning scenario is Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE). Learning based on this model allowed students to better understand the contents and above all improved the process skills, leading to a better understanding of the chemical-physical phenomena related to chlorophyll photosynthesis.

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