Geometric Animals (LS-MT-255)

This cross-curricular learning scenario by Brendan Buttigieg links Art to Science, English, Mathematics and Maltese through a project-based approach which includes a series of inter-related tasks which follow one another.

Connecting Arts to Mathematics

Europeana animal drawings and paintings will be the starting point which will lead the students to design an animal face and dissect it into smaller geometric parts like stained glass artworks. This is where the students will be invited to create a link between what they have learnt in Mathematics and what they will be using during the Art lesson.

Designing like a tattoo artist

The result would look like a tattoo Artwork. The students will be encouraged to think about any questions which could be asked in English to a tattoo artist and share them with each other. This project will be extended further by writing a formal letter to a local tattoo artist. The students will ask some questions about the tattoo artist’s job, and they will get feedback about the designs they would have done during the Art lesson, which could be transformed into real tattoos.

Starting from scratch …
Students at work 🙂
Creativity – a 21st-century skill

Students design an animal face and dissect it into smaller geometric parts.

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