Historical Memory in the Hungarian Families (LS-HU-83)

The memory of the world wars and other historical events

Aim of the lesson

This learning scenario was designed for students of 16-18 years old. The aim of the lesson is to try to familiarize my students with the personal memories of their families during main historical events, like the world wars. During the lessons, they improved their foreign language knowledge and at the same time learnt more about events of history.

Students searching for and writing postcards

Introduction to Europeana

The first activity consisted of letting students browse Europeana collections. Per groups of three, they had to search for one picture using different keywords (world war, Italian front, and so on.) and present what they found to the other groups.

Reconnecting with personal memories

During the lessons, pupils also had the possibility to get to know more about the personal aspects of wars. Using the Europeana platform, they could create a ‘conversation’ between the past and the present. Writing and copying postcards of the era based on the models of the portal. In order to do that, students were asked to collect their own family stories of the wars for the next lesson. For example, they had to make “interviews” with their parents or grandparents about the participations or what they experienced.

Another task of this scenario was to share with the school community the experiences of the project in an exhibition and to create in that way a platform of freely talking about historical traumas.

Students writing their own letter

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CC BY-SA 3.0 –The featured image used to illustrate this article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution. It has been provided by the Europeana Foundation in the Europeana 1914-1918 collection.It has been resized and labelled to illustrate this article. To find the original image click here.

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