Jobs in the Past (LS-FI-36)

This learning scenario, created by Sari Hopeakoski from Finland, combines jobs in the past with jobs in the present and makes students indulge in history.

The Finnish Carpenter

Firstly, they get to know an example of a success story about a Finnish carpenter, who got world-famous because of an article published in the New York Times. Secondly, they pick up their own employee from the selection of  Europeana photos. They discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the job and then they write success stories for workers, such as a street lamp cleaner, a basket maker and a tinsmith.

Students are also asked to make an animated video, using Renderforest, which will serve as an imaginative tv commercial. in addition, they will familiarize themselves with others’ work and evaluate each other.

Collaborative creative writing is a nice method for 17-18- year-old-students who are already soon preparing for their matriculation exam.  Or, other possible and recommended productions tested in a media-based upper secondary school are a radio interview or an animation.

Aim of the lesson

This learning scenario is designed in the way that students present the outcomes to their peers. Furthermore, a lot of emphases is given to students’ feedback. This learning scenario can be adapted to any other language! In this lesson learning was fun!

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

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