Letters and Postcards From War Times (LS-MT-03)

An interdisciplinary approach in the classroom is a great way to enhance collaborative learning, critical thinking and creativity in your students. The Europeana Collections gives you many opportunities to collaborate with your colleagues from other disciplines, and create cross-curricular learning activities. Heathcliff, Europeana Ambassador for Malta, has done this seamlessly in his learning scenario: he used this theme to design activities that involve Mathematics, Social Studies, Art, English and Maltese and linked it to the learning outcomes of primary schools in Malta.

Heathcliff’s learning scenario provides interesting activities for all the disciplines mentioned below:

  • For Art and Mathematics: Students design a postcard representing “a world free from war”, using different colours. To create this postcard, they need to use geometrical shapes that make up different fractions of the whole postcard. They also prepare the content and colour of this postcard.
  • For Social Studies, English and Maltese: Students write a dialogue between two fictional individuals from the year 2050 about war and conflict. Students also discuss a contemporary conflict (e.g. Syria). The project, therefore, connects the past and the present in a way that helps students understand the basic political motives of war. Then, students discuss the context of WWII and search artefacts related to the topic in the Europeana Collections.

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below :

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