Life on the trenches – A VR Experience (LS-PT-06)

Using new technologies such as VR experience can allow students to have a clear idea of the devastation during an historical event such as WW1. Shaped for history classes, this learning scenario developed by Marco, Europeana Ambassador for Portugal, brings a new immersive experience to your classroom.

The scenario makes use of the Europeana exhibition called “Trench life“, a collection based on World War I. The aim of the lesson is :

  • To identify life conditions in the trenches during WW1,
  • To understand how trench life affected the psychology of soldiers,
  • To have a clear idea of the devastation brought by WW1,
  • To identify the countries involved.

Across different activities, students will also develop their English skills, understand collaborative work, and apply the basic principles of copyright, developed ICT skills concerning the development of digital products.

In this 5 hour plan, students will start by forming teams and writing a plan, and then do research about the topic. They will then use a virtual/augmented reality platform to create the experience. They will also record their own talks analyzing the details in the images. The class ends with a presentation of each team’s work in the classroom.

Curious to know more about it ? Click bellow to download the learning scenario :

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