Manifestations and Effects of Lack of Solidarity (LS-RO-24)

This Learning Scenario was created by Geanina Turcanu from Romania. The lesson “Manifestations and effects of lack of solidarity (marginalization, exclusion, isolation)” was created for 6th grade students studying Social Science.

Aim of the lesson

The lesson was meant to develop students’ critical thinking and awareness of the importance of the human rights in a democratic society.


At the end of this lesson, students understood that being different from some perspectives doesn’t make us enemies. They learnt about different values that enrich also our own culture. The first activity was a discovery-based learning activity. Sharing different values enriches also our own culture. Students found links between some words related to the subject: the sense of belonging, self-esteem, friendship, inclusion, being useful, motivation, and diversity.

In conclusion, many ideas have arisen about the sense of belonging, developing self-esteem, or what makes people feel useful, what motivates them in doing or not doing different things.

Overall, students enjoyed searching for online resources on Europeana and found testimonies of students who studied abroad. By using the ‘thinking hats’ strategy, the pupils approached the challenges of foreign students from different perspectives such as emotional, pessimistic, neutral, balanced, optimistic. This strategy helped students to express empathy, tolerance, and acceptance. This exercise developed critical thinking and collaborative thinking.

Above all, using European resources students also practice their English. Finally, Europeana became practically a window to the world. Facilitated by technology it raised students’ interest at the highest level.

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