Merry GIFmas! (LS-HU-241)

Most European countries celebrate Christmas as part of their culture and traditions. In many cases, it is somehow integrated into the curriculum as well. Because of all this, it seemed to be an obvious choice. However, I wanted to create something not so traditional.

Let’s start

With beginner language learners vocabulary is always essential. In this case, they didn’t know many related words so first I had to teach them. In Hungary advent calendars have a long tradition therefore I chose an online version.

The fun part

Of course children like fun things more than learning words. Trimino is a handy tool to avoid boredom and keep the fun going. Children also like jigsaw puzzles and if it’s on a smartboard it’s even more entertaining.

I kept the best part last. They got many different pictures (leaves and berries, Bow tie, Christmas gift, etc.) collected on a Padlet. They had to choose one and gif it. After they had their own personal moving picture, they sent the link to their parents along with their holiday wishes.

Would you like to learn more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

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