Migration And Cultural Diversity (LS-TR-82)

For years migration has been one of the main factors which shapes the culture of the societies. This scenario mainly focus on the effects and impacts of migration on individuals and societies. Rather than its political, social and economical reasons. Migration always occurs due to the different reasons. But as persons, we need to find best ways to live together in harmony. That is why we should develop mutual understanding and recognize the importance of cultural diversity in societies.

In this case, this scenario encourages students to work in groups, share their ideas and experiences, learn from each other, create some innovative materials using ICT tools and finally discover the online platforms to learn better.

Objectives of the Lesson

At the end of the lesson, students will recognize the impact of migration on societies. They will understand the effects of migration on individuals and the whole society, demonstrate the understanding of the psychological and sociological effects of immigration. Students will also be able to categorize the changes in multi-cultural societies and assess the importance of harmony in multi-cultural societies.

Pupils will also improve their digital skills. How? By designing a presentation about what we have learned on the attributions of multi-culturalism to the societies, evaluate the data using mindmap application and writing personal reports on Padlet. Students will experience the flipped classroom methodology and blended learning.

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