Music and Maths as an integral part of our lives (LS-CY-708)

The aim:

Students learn how numbers and music are connected and help them to realize that both contribute to harmony, not only in making music but also in our lives.

The process:

Firstly, an introduction was made where students were asked to tell what Maths are and what Music is according to their opinion. What are their main components?

Examples of harmony and rhythm were given.

Afterward, they were asked to find the connection between the two subjects.

A presentation about the world-famous mathematician Pythagoras and his contribution to Maths and how he invented the first instrument, the Monochord, took place.

Additionally, Youtube videos of how a Monochord is made of and listening to different performances were presented and discussed.

Finally, there was a distribution in teams making different assessments:

Group 1: music and multiplication

Group 2: Pythagoras Monochord

Group 3: planets’ echoes

Group 4: rhythm and maths

Students working in groups chose one topic to work on and research about and then presented it to the class.

The benefits:

Working in teams helps improve communication and collaboration.

Investigating and searching are tools that help our students to be active and think critically.

Our students developed their creativity, awareness, knowledge, communication, and collaboration skills.

The finale:

Students gave self and team feedback for each team.

They also presented their work in our school library events where the Headmaster, teachers and all the students were invited.

The outcomes of each team will be presented and a melody on the Monochord they made will be played!

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

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