Nature heals! (EN-CUR-597)

Today’s students are less and less curious. The goal of science is to arouse their curiosity with interesting content, games, and experiments. In addition to being less and less curious, they are increasingly accepting things as they are. They have no desire for change. This LS wants to arouse students’ curiosity, critical thinking, empower them to take matters into their own hands through entrepreneurship, but also teach them that nature is the mother of us all and that we can find everything we need in it.

This learning scenario has been developed during the “Digital Education with Cultural Heritage” online course. The course aimed to improve teachers’ understanding of cultural heritage in order to efficiently integrate it into their lessons and practices. The courses can be accessed here.

Author: Anita Matić

Age of students: 10

Subject and topic: Nature Science, Citizenship/This scenario is intended for a Nature Science lesson, the topic is related to traditional medicine and Mediterranean herbs and their function in the healing process.

Learning Scenario

Public Domain Mark 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Nationalmuseum, Sweden.

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