Objects That Tell a Story (EN-CUR-480)

This learning scenario is based on Europeana’s gallery ‘Everyday Treasures’. The gallery shows simple everyday objects that connect to one’s home, friends, culture or migration story. Almost all objects in the gallery are accompanied by a story. Working on some of these stories helps students reflect on the importance of using an object to remember one’s past, loved ones and feel emotionally secure.

The learning scenario also aims at inspiring students to write their own stories about an ‘everyday treasure’ that has affected their lives. Students from different cultural backgrounds who came to Greece are encouraged to write about objects which express their feelings, cultural experiences or beliefs. Their stories are the outcome of this scenario.

This learning scenario has been developed during the English version of the “Europeana in your classroom: building 21st-century competences with digital cultural heritage (Rerun)” online course. The course aimed to improve teachers’ understanding of cultural heritage in order to efficiently integrate it into their lessons and practices. The courses can be accessed here.

Author: Voziari Ioanna

Age of Students: 11-12

Subjects and topic: Lnaguage, Art, ICT / Storytelling

Learning Scenario:

Public Domain Mark 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Rijksmuseum.

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