One Coin, Two Sides – The Art of Debating (LS-MT-219)

Debating skills are fundamental for 21st-century skills such as communication and collaboration. This learning scenario helps learners to structure and organise their thoughts while improving their capacity to produce balanced and well-informed arguments. By the end of the learning scenario, students would have engaged in teacher-led debates as well as student-created/led debates about items from the Europeana collection.

Heathcliff’s students improved their debating skills:

  • I can engage in a debate and identify where there is common ground, as well as the main issues of any disagreement.
  • I can follow a debate which is complex in terms of linguistic, thematic and lexical content.
  • I am confident in discussing my views with others.
  • I can debate and support my argument without being judgmental and still being emphatic towards others.

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

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