Optical Instruments throughout History (LS-RO-74)

This Learning Scenario was created and implemented by Elena Vladescu from Romania.

The origins of optical instruments

Optical instruments played an important role in science throughout the history of humanity. So, what better place to study optics origins than Europeana Collections? In this learning scenario, students will discover information about these instruments by using this digital library. As a result, they will create new content starting from Europeana cultural heritage repository.

I teach Physics to 12-18 years old students. This lesson is integrated into the chapter on optics for the secondary level. Therefore, this learning scenario fit into the Romanian national curriculum.

The essential question of this learning scenario is: At what stage would humanity now be without the discovery of optical instruments?

Aims of the lesson

This learning scenario was aimed to improve students STEM and communication skills. Pupils were divided into groups and each team had to produce posters, infographics, or similar content, about a given type of optical instrument using Europeana Collections. After that, each group had to present their final work to their classmates.

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

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