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Cultural texts in school education

School education, particularly teaching humanities, is largely based on the analysis and interpretation of cultural texts, which include museums – products representing the culture of a particular community, as well as websites devoted to museum collections – virtual cultural texts.

I prepared online classes on the e-learning platform for humanities’ teachers. The training entitled ‘Our Cultural Footprint‘ is helpful to implement the content of the core curriculum for teachers of the Polish language, history, social studies, foreign languages, computer science and other educators.

Our Cultural Footprint - great world exhibitions and museums as cultural texts
Our Cultural Footprint - great world exhibitions and museums as cultural texts

WebQuest method

Teachers played the role of students. They learned about texts of culture – great world exhibitions and museums, their stories, contemporary images, came up with interpretations of their meaning. We used elements of the WebQuest method. During the classes, we improved our skills in:

  • reading, analyzing and interpreting cultural texts,
  • using digital resources, assessing their reliability, reliability and substantive correctness,
  • effective use of information technology in the search, organization and use of acquired information.

Great world exhibitions and museums as text of culture

According to the suggested issues, students prepared information on one great world exhibition and one museum. In their study, they included such information that justified that the selected exhibition or museum is a text of culture.

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