Own PCB – transfer and pickling (LS-PL-89)

“Own PCB – transfer and pickling” lesson took place in the Complex of Technical Schools in Grudziądz. The lesson was given during the Operation of machines and electrical devices class, a LAB in the 2nd class and extra-curricular activities.

An introduction to printed circuit boards (PCB)

The role of the ‘transfer and pickling’ classes is to guide young pupils from high school into making their own printed circuit board or PCB. During the classes, we focused on the transfer to layer the print from ‘Fritzing’. In order to increase the attractiveness of the lecture and laboratory classes, ICT techniques were used to introduce professional issues. So as to bring the topic closer, I presented modern PCBs and drawings from the internet. For this purpose, Europeana resources, together with my own teaching materials were used from my teaching website. In the first part of the course, I presented Europeana and explained how to use its resources.

Next, the students searched for STEM (science technology, engineering and mathematics) and PCBs electronics pictures on Europeana Collections. They could find various materials ranging from the chemicals to pickling of PCBs.

From theory to practice

Later, students started conceiving their own PCBs; independently or with my support. At that point, I only supervised the pupils’ work. It enforced students’ independence, creativity and innovative thinking. As a teacher, I became only “an advisory voice”, helping them with incomprehensible issues. The last task of the students was to create their own PCB layer.

During the lessons, students could:

  • improve their knowledge in STEM
  • improve their vocabulary connected with the topic of mechatronics & robotics or electronics,
  • make use of ICT tools.

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