Painting Poems (LS-ES-53)

Poetry promotes literacy and lets us express our feelings and emotions. It is rhythm and music, so it fosters emotional resilience. Poetry allows students to paint sketches of their lives, to freely show their emotions. On the other hand, art provides students opportunities to learn words, develop motor abilities and critical thinking skills. By combining poetry and art we are providing our students with a great chance to foster not only curricular competences, but also to build their personality.

Illustrating poems

The Learning Scenario Painting Poems is intended for students who are 9/10 years old. They will work in a collaborative way with the aim of developing their creativity, vocabulary and proper use of ICT. By using pictures from Europeana, students will investigate the paintings in groups. They will get information about the author and style so they will develop their digital literacy skills. And then, they will share the information collected with their classmates.

Secondly, they will create rhymes with words related to the paintings to create poems about them. These poems will be illustrated by using Augmented Reality. How? With the app Chromville, to create an online exhibition where poems will be recorded by students. With the use of Augmented Reality, creativity will be fostered. The use of Chromville to illustrate the poems will add to the students’ expression.

Additional aims

This LS has many aims related to the Spanish Language. Firstly, to use poetry as a means of communication. Secondly, for students to express themselves in a creative way by creating their own poems. Thirdly, for students to create text by using grammar and spelling rules properly. Then, to develop oral skills, to use ICT to obtain information and analyze it, to use ICT to disseminate results. And finally, to work in a collaborative way by accepting different points of view.

Let students expressing their emotions

This Learning Scenario will provide students with the first contact with Europeana and with Augmented Reality as a tool to create own content and it allows students to discover the importance of language to express their emotions and the great variety of tools they can use to create content because they are the main actors of their learning and this Learning Scenario lets us provide different tasks to improve their expression and creativity.

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