Post-war Romania (LS-RO-07)

Recognizing the tools of propaganda is more important than ever in these increasingly digital times, because we live in a world where we get easily and constantly exposed to fake news. See how this learning scenario teaches students to recognize the tools of propaganda.

Isabela Miron, in her learning scenario about post-war Romania, aims not only to teach about propaganda in history, but also encourages her students to recognize propaganda and identify its tools. Although communism no longer exists in Romania, various forms of propaganda are still present all around the world. Recognizing the tools of propaganda is maybe more important than ever in these increasingly digital times, because we live in a world constantly subject to the consequences of fake news. It is also important to distinguish between ideology and propaganda. To this end, Isabela, Europeana Ambassador for Romania, designed a project where students research into communist times in Romania, a period so recent that texts and videos depicting that period are relatively easy to access. In groups, students analyze historical texts related to daily life in communist Romania, and objects from the Europeana Collections in order to come up with conclusions on how propaganda works according to these sources. Finally, students conduct an interview with an acquaintance about propaganda and daily life in communism. The collected stories, as well as their own analysis will be made into a booklet.

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