Radio Stories (LS-GR-317)

Communities and communication [Radio Mix]

Getting the radio feeling…

This learning scenario combines two European communities (European School Radio and Teaching With Europeana) to encourage students to learn about the radio and gain some experience from creating and participating in radio productions. Particularly, kids create collaboratively a song about climate change and participate in a radio show.

In addition, they search, organize and visualize information about the radio, while they envision its evolution in the future. They are urged to think critically over the role of radio in our life and our need for communication and expression through media and communities.

…in times of crisis and chances

Unfortunately, part of the scenario was just designed and not implemented due to the closure of schools in the shadow of COVID-19. Yet, while we were going through the “social (or better: physical) distancing” period, I invited my students to share some ideas online.

…vision is on air, ideas in the air!

This is why you will have the opportunity to read about the most extraordinary futuristic radios patented by them. Have you ever heard of hologrammatic transfer in a radio show or artificial intelligence recognizing your mood so as to create a playlist for you? You are only a learning scenario apart from being informed about such things and from listening to our song…no matter your mood of the day!

Till then, enjoy one classic song I regret not having analyzed in the class and start reading!
Radio Go Go!

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario ? You can download it bellow:

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