ReFake It (LS-HU-23)

Arts in IT

This project aims at incorporating Arts into the world of IT and technology. For this purpose, after some brainstorming and research, students have to search for a painting that can be recreated or refaced according to modern style. When done, they write a piece of fake news related to this picture: if the picture had been made these days, what kind of news would have accompanied it?

Final Products

We collect all the pieces of news into a shared document and convert it into a flipbook. Then we use an online application for creating mobile quizzes related to the original painting, for example, its historical era, the painter, the characters on the painting. The online app uses Scratch-like programming language to create apps for Android devices. Afterwards, we make a QR code and attach it to the refaced painting and put them on display at school.

Created by a student during the ” ReFake it” lesson

Tools used during the lesson

  • Lino, a free online service that allows you to create boards and canvas
  • Answergarden, a free online tool used for real time audience participation, online brainstorming and classroom feedback. 
  • Ted-Ed, an online platform providing teachers and students with original animated videos, paired with questions and resources to support learning.
  • iFake Text Message, a website that allows you to create fake text messages.
  • Beekast, an animated solution integrating a space for discussions and activities, generating ideas and facilitating decision-making.
  • Factitious, an online game to learn how to make the difference between fake news and real news.
  • The Fake News Generator, an online tool that allows you to create realistic fake news stories.
  • Newspaper Jaguarpaw, an online tool to create your own spoof newspaper articles.

Art in Vocational Education

The aim of this project is to integrate Arts in vocational education, to somehow combine this field with their area of expertise.

Firstly the class that takes part in it are preparing for their secondary education. Therefore this project might give a whole insight into the field of technology combined with other subjects.

Secondly it will develop their creativity, to explore their own boundaries. Consequently they will work on a project that does not feel like learning, whereas they do learn a lot by experimenting. The students are used to working in projects as we already had 2 this year.

Finally I hope this might give them new challenges and a new perspective of learning. As this is the class’s first year at school, it can also serve as a team-building activity.

Follow our link for our work:


Created by a student during the ” ReFake it” lesson

Learning Scenario

Created by a student during the ” ReFake it” lesson

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The featured image used to illustrate this article has been created by a student during the implementation of this learning scenario.

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