Stories Inspired by Photographs and Paintings Inspired by Stories (LS -HR-44)

This learning scenario was created by Alma Suto for students who have no prior knowledge of Europeana. It has been implemented with the fifth graders (11-12-year-olds) during Computer Science class. The aim of the lesson is to develop their writing skills through collaboration and to create digital paintings. They also improve their media literacy and learn how to use collaboration tools.


As the introduction, the teacher gives a short overview of Europeana. The students are divided  into groups of four. Each group of students is assigned one photograph from Europeana Collections. The teacher shares the photos by random selection using online tool, one photo per group.

Stories Inspired by the Photograph

Each group search for their photo in Office365Sway, which the teacher prepared. Then, they look at the photograph they have been assigned. They have to be creative and invent a story inspired by that photo.

The story is written on a Office365 Word which is shared by the student coordinator of the group. Each student writes one part of the story.

Paintings Inspired by Stories

Each group gets the story of another group. They have to make a painting inspired by the story they are assigned. The students use the jigsaw technique. Each member of the group is in charge of a part of the painting. For the painting the students  have to use Paint 3D. After it is finished it has to be uploaded into the shared folder.

Sharing knowledge

After that, the works of the students are exhibited on the online board. A Kahoot quiz is used as an instrument to assess what they have learned.

All the students vote using an online tool Mentimeter for the best story and the best painting. After the lesson, using Office365 Forms, the teacher collects information about how the students felt during the lesson, what skills and competencies they have acquired.

All the information and photos taken during the lesson have been uploaded on the Office365 Sway in order to ensure sustainability. Click here to discover it.

Overall achievement

This lesson was successful and the lesson objectives were met since the students learned to use the collaboration tools and they wrote their first common story and created digital images. When we had a feedback session, the discussion and online survey, it was obvious that the students  enjoyed the lesson.

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