The 8 Stages of Life According to Erikson (LS-PT-696)

This Learning Scenario has been designed to make students, of 12th grade, reflect about psychosocial
development, from infancy to adulthood, and how successful completion of each stage results in a healthy personality. Although the general perception of mental illness has improved over the past decades, studies show that stigma against mental illness is still powerful. This is in part due to media stereotypes and lack of education. This LS can contribute to raise students´ awareness about mental health.

Europeana Infographic

This Learning scenario milestone is human development from Eric Erikson’s point of view and familiarize students with Erikson’s perspective. They learned that a person passes through eight developmental stages that are built on each other. At each stage the individual faces a crisis.


Students exploring the main thematic

Key competencies of the LS promoted were of different kinds, especially personal, social, and learning to learn competence.

Students searched on Europeana platform, for pictures, paintings, and drawings, that could illustrate each of those stages. Besides that, they prepared a set of questions, and conduct an interview, with a person they choose, that represented some of the stages. To conclude, they recorded it on video, and presented their conclusions in Flipgrid, as well as they had built a timeline on Erickson’s life. Moreover, this LS can be implemented in distance learning.

Student’s presentation of their work

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Public Domain Mark 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Rijksmuseum.

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